#octel Badges

One of my aims for this week was to find out what this whole badge thing was about in ocTEL and I was obviously not the only person to be intrigued by the talk of badges as I spotted a tweet on Friday asking if we were for or against the system.


Before the course started I would have stated categorically that I was against. I can’t foresee a case where I would want to include certificates/badges as professional development evidence because these items are not evidence of learning, just evidence that I ‘turned up’. In application, portfolio and appraisal situations for example, I would want to use evidence that I had actually gained from a course not just proving I attended. I would want to state the changes I implemented as a result of attending the course and why it helped me make those decisions etc. With that in mind I didn’t plan to really go about earning my badges over the five weeks of ocTEL.

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#octel Week 1 Thoughts and musings

My MOOC journey to date

Last Monday I embarked on my third MOOC. The first #edcmooc was run on the Coursera platform and I enjoyed every minute of the five weeks, the course content, the participants, the non-linear platform and the staff involved all made it a total success and I even earned my completion certificate.

The second, Web Science: How The Web Is Changing… University Of Southampton, was more of a struggle for several reasons: my work load was heavy during the last four weeks, I was not a fan of the linear nature of the FurtureLearn platform and the teaching was more didactic than I would have liked. All this combined meant that I only completed the first two weeks but even this short dabble gave me enough information to fully agree with Donald Clark who sums it up much more eloquently than I could on his blog What is Plan B? Not Plan A!

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