Keeping Going

Keeping Going by Seamus Heaney is a difficult poem but these are difficult times across the world. I’m not at all qualified to critique poetry but coming back to Heaney as an adult with the parallels of growing up on a farm in the countryside, then leaving it along with the violence-torn country behind, then... Continue Reading →

Cameras on/off debate

Back in October 2020 I put together a thread in defence of the student right to decide whether to turn cameras on in live sessions. This is one of the most passionate stances I had throughout the pandemic and I will continue to advocate for choice. As a predominantly staff facing learning technologist, I can... Continue Reading →

Mr Benn and the Many Guises of an EdTech

I've finally got my slides and approximate transcript together for my first ever Gasta talk (5 mins and not a second more), delivered at the EdTech 2021 conference at the end of May. Thanks to Tom Farrelly, the Gasta Master who chaired the session and ensured it was a fabulous experience in a packed Zoom room. Enjoy my... Continue Reading →

Transcribing recordings: a slight shortcut

I'm on the cusp of beginning data collection for my PhD (yay) and following a couple of pilot interviews my thoughts have turned to transcription. For many years I have transcribed audio using the free software ExpressScribe. I loved how you could tailor your favourite work flow to match your skills/needs. I usually opted for... Continue Reading →

Digital (un)tethering #OER21

*This post has been updated after the conference to include the six questions released in the chat. In recent years institutions are increasingly providing wellbeing activities in the face of the creeping discourse of resilience. However, this discourse is situated in an era of meritocracy, amplified surveillance and high tuition fees, with students increasingly under... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about risk

This post has been half written for a while now but listening to @Jessifer’s keynote during the 2020 Digital Pedagogy Lab has prompted me into finally finishing it. Head to the discussion around 55 mins in. “With a nod or an acknowledgement of the fact that professional risk is not distributed equally so not everyone... Continue Reading →

Lockdown wisdom

Having great intentions of writing pithy and insightful memoirs of the initials stages of Covid-19 lockdown, from the perspective of being an educational technologist and mum to three school age girls. Well here it is: ** Schitts Creek No GIF By CBC: Text "Yeah. That's not gonna happen." Credit for post image: Photo by Oscar Keys... Continue Reading →

Letters of care, a redesign of our OER20 workshop

Building stories of care against a discourse of resilience [O-019] Sharing letters of care against the backdrop of a pandemic [O-019] Update post conference - 3rd April 2020 The recording of our 'round the camp fire' discussion on care, wellbeing and resilience: The slide deck of letters Kate Molloy (@hey_km) and myself were supposed... Continue Reading →

2019: A topsy turvy year

I've just had two full weeks off. This is the longest, actual 'not working in any way' period for many years and surprise, surprise it was also the first Christmas break without illness. The only concession was PhD reading. Instead it was fighting for top scores on the Wii, baking, walking and playing scrabble. All... Continue Reading →

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