Give yourself a mental ‘Valentine’

People put a lot of focus on Motivation Monday but today is Tuesday and I am struggling, at least struggling more than normal. I walked through the park this morning listening to the birds and noticing the many signs of spring, from blossoms to flowers, trying to calm my sense of panic and the blackness threatening to engulf. I was going to pour these feelings out into my blog in an attempt to be cathartic but decided it would just come across as an act of self-pity. Then this tweet caught my eye: “A Valentine’s message for children: start by loving yourself“.

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Hello 2017

My winter cherry defying the bleakness of winter

Unbelievably January is already gone into the ether so I need to get this post out before it gets forgotten in the bottom drawer along with all the other well intentioned posts. I have been mulling over my professional development to-do-list since summing up 2016 in my last post and a meeting with colleagues this afternoon clarified it. Before starting however it is important to acknowledge one of the key things I learned last year with regards CPD – I am a person who is fully dependent on concrete deadlines. This is therefore absolutely key to achieving all the items on this list.

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