#CMALT is driving me crazy: part 4

At this point the title of this series ‘#CMALT is driving me crazy’ maybe needs updated to ‘#CMALT drove me crazy’ as I officially received my certificate and badge in January. It was even more exciting as I wasn’t required to make any changes. Cue an immediate celebration on Twitter but it is now time to... Continue Reading →

#CMALT is driving me crazy: part 3

So big sigh, it's done, my portfolio has been submitted. This latest instalment tracking my frustrations and musings on my CMALT journey comes a week after my submission so I am in that middle land of having finally succeeded in my goal but not yet knowing the outcome. Support Continued support came from the Twitter-sphere which... Continue Reading →

#CMALT is driving me crazy: part 2

It has been several months since I first blogged about my # CMALT frustrations and whilst I haven’t actually succeeded in writing much more I have had so many unexpected benefits since the post. I would never have guessed at just how much my approach to CPD would change and grow from putting my thoughts out in the... Continue Reading →

#CMALT is driving me crazy

Disclaimer: Just to be clear from the outset CMALT is in no way at fault in this scenario, despite the title the fault lies solely with me. On this sunny Friday I have dusted down this old blog site, from when I dabbled with MOOCs, to have a rant at myself regarding my CMALT portfolio.... Continue Reading →

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