The VLE: It’s about the people, people

I had to give a presentation this week on my ideas of how to inspire academics to use the VLE. The timing of this meant that I had read Kerry Pinny’s I am not your enemy blog post the week before, along with the numerous heartfelt reactions this generated. Admittedly, this wasn’t the ideal article to read before such a presentation, I felt like the enemy before I had even created the opening slide.

So I took a deep breath, hunkered down and channeled the brilliant visuals by Bryan Mathers (@bryanMMathers), if I was going to be the enemy at least I was going down in a carroty blaze of creativeness, screaming “It’s about the people, people.“.

The hill is still steep and the top looks a long way off but here are my slides, for what they are worth, to try to ease the way for others.

Diving into #clmooc

Having been on the periphery of previous #clmooc (Connected Learning MOOC (#clmooc) A Connected Learning Massive Open Online Collaboration) runs this year I was determined to dive on in. The barriers to joining in were to do with summer being my busiest time, for workload and family, but after so many years of following on the outskirts it felt a bit daunting to dive in. In some ways it felt like entering a room of strangers, many of whom had close knit connections, and announcing ‘Hey, I’m Clare. Look what I made.‘. Stranger yet was that whilst the majority of people didn’t know me, I felt as if I knew many of them after observing conversations during previous iterations. This highlights my wonder and simultaneous bafflement of open online communities.

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Twitter Me

Who is Twitter Me?

Who do people see?

Professional Me? #edtech in HE, #digitalliteracies, reflection?

At Home Me? Gardening, baking, making, reading, parenting?

What now – she has kids?

(Don’t you see; I have three – growing & learning;

Ridiculously bendy and endlessly in-de-fa-tig-able)

Overly optimistic of what can be done with no time to spare?

Who is Twitter Me?

Who do people see?

My wit can fall flat, I avoid controversy at all costs

Blurring the line between my selves, yet steadfastly private

I avoid Facebook, my LinkedIn is full of cobwebs, WordPress feels like home

My retweets convey my political and social despair –

The world is building walls when we should be breaking them down

Likes can be bookmarks, acknowledgement, agreement and so much more

Who is Twitter Me?

Who do people see?

My Tweets can be sporadic – I am useless at networking strategies

Sometimes I’m quiet but usually louder with familiar faces and spaces

Sharing and learning; all wrapped up in a coating of fun

Challenge and risk are my drivers, despite imposter syndrome knocking at the door

Listening, supporting, frustrated at injustice and intolerance

Is that who you see?

This is Twitter Me

Just me, don’t you see?