The VLE: It’s about the people, people

I had to give a presentation this week on my ideas of how to inspire academics to use the VLE. The timing of this meant that I had read Kerry Pinny’s I am not your enemy blog post the week before, along with the numerous heartfelt reactions this generated. Admittedly, this wasn’t the ideal article to read before such a presentation, I felt like the enemy before I had even created the opening slide.

So I took a deep breath, hunkered down and channeled the brilliant visuals by Bryan Mathers (@bryanMMathers), if I was going to be the enemy at least I was going down in a carroty blaze of creativeness, screaming “It’s about the people, people.“.

The hill is still steep and the top looks a long way off but here are my slides, for what they are worth, to try to ease the way for others.

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