Transcribing recordings: a slight shortcut

I'm on the cusp of beginning data collection for my PhD (yay) and following a couple of pilot interviews my thoughts have turned to transcription. For many years I have transcribed audio using the free software ExpressScribe. I loved how you could tailor your favourite work flow to match your skills/needs. I usually opted for... Continue Reading →

PhD Year 1: Thinking

This being my last post in my week long challenge, brevity is the name of the game - it's Friday evening and I'm totally out of juice. My thinking spaces across the week included the train, the library (with views of the sea) and the beach; and the sun shone throughout which helps no end. Spaces... Continue Reading →

PhD Year 1: Threads

Daily reminders in the form of emails from the University of Edinburgh inform me of vast numbers of presentations, training workshops, seminars, support opportunities and social events. Mostly I let them flow past me, quickly scanning to determine the relevance, the majority ending up deleted, but occasionally I get a tinge of FOMO. It would... Continue Reading →

PhD Year 1: Calmer waters

Having moved jobs since the fog descended, both role and institution (an exciting change of circumstances), I am now in a much calmer mental place. In addition, after a couple of really productive supervisor meetings I have stopped constantly worrying that I am 'behind' and am slowly navigating towards a point on the very distant... Continue Reading →

PhD Year 1: More hurdles

My good Twitter friend and fellow #mscde colleague Sandra sent me this lovely message back in January. I side stepped the issue by replying with a brief message back to say I was adding the advice chart to my (never ending) reading list. Sandra is also inspirational in her regular posts about her journey on... Continue Reading →

Gearing up for my PhD: Induction

I've been seriously neglecting my PhD posts so I'm going to do a speed catch up over the week, starting off with the official start date: 1st October 2018, Induction Day. As I'm an unofficially distance student it was great to get to Edinburgh for this but I wondered how much would be relevant to... Continue Reading →

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