End of Course Reflections #edcmooc

After four weeks of reading, watching, listening, blogging, tweeting, commenting, learning and all round enjoyment I want to get my thoughts in order to start creating my artefact. So with gut instinct I quickly entered all the words that came to mind into Wordle and now I think I am more panicked than before I... Continue Reading →

The Human Element #edcmooc

This article on our list, Perspectives on Education, encourages the use of video in online courses, but specifically video of the teachers themselves in order to retain higher numbers of students. One of the main reasons stated is: But communicating solely via text is also alienating, says Hersh. Weighing the theoretical advantages of purely textual... Continue Reading →

Where did the week go? #edcmooc

Here it is! Friday again! Home and work commitments have only allowed for a minimum interaction with my MOOC. I have only managed to watch last Friday's hangout and this week's trigger videos. So much still to do, watch, read and write - all before applying some creative thought to the competition. Let's start small... Continue Reading →

Getting started #edcmooc

Having returned recently to work after a career break the biggest buzz around, both virtually and within my own institution, was on the topic of MOOCs. This term has been in circulation for a while now but I previously had not given it more than a passing thought. However, after reading this Guardian article I... Continue Reading →

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