Where did the week go? #edcmooc

Here it is! Friday again! Home and work commitments have only allowed for a minimum interaction with my MOOC. I have only managed to watch last Friday’s hangout and this week’s trigger videos. So much still to do, watch, read and write – all before applying some creative thought to the competition. Let’s start small then.

During the Week 2 hangout I was struck by the conversation around the concept that humans instinctively approach new or existing technology as something negative. This triggered a memory of an advertisement highlighting the human capacity to follow all things shiny and well presented (albeit by another manufacturer of shiny, bright objects). The ‘following’ of the brand regardless of whether or not it has been improved upon functionally comes across as absolutely ludicrous but nevertheless is true on a vast scale. So if so many people have an instinctive negative attitude and conversely so many a ridiculous ‘slave to the new’ mentality, those of us left in the middle must do what we can to ensure that manufacturers and designers focus on products which are both aesthetically pleasing but enhance our lives. I hope the video sparks a smile at the end of a busy week.

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