Initial thoughts on week 1 videos #edcmooc

Having watched the four very interesting videos listed for week 1, the one that stood out for me was Bendito Machine III which reminded me of one of my favourite songs by the Gorillaz, Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey’s Head (have a listen below). To me they both sum up the human trait of being incapable of existing harmoniously, our greed whether it be for riches or for increased knowledge/power ends up getting the better of us – we become slaves to our own creations and destroy/waste valuable resources in the process.

The people in the song were happy with their lot in life until they explored outside their town and found caves holding great riches. The they then dedicated themselves to mining these riches knowing that it would lead to retribution from the Monkey and destruction of their world.

Can we strive to move forward, to question, explore, push ourselves without sacrificing the world’s resources and our integrity? Can we lean more towards utopian than dystopian?

Personally, I want to believe that we can. I want to hope that the quirky world of Inbox will hold out over the dark predictions of New Media.

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