Getting started #edcmooc

Having returned recently to work after a career break the biggest buzz around, both virtually and within my own institution, was on the topic of MOOCs. This term has been in circulation for a while now but I previously had not given it more than a passing thought. However, after reading this Guardian article I decided to take action and enroll on the E-Learning and Digital Cultures MOOC ‘at’ the University of Edinburgh. After all as an eLearning developer I feel that I need to have experience of being a student on a fully delivered online course.

In addition to the experience of participating in an online course I also want to learn many other skills along the way – the first is creating this blog. My experience to date of using blog sites is simply to create web pages rather than as a true blog. Then I will attempt to link it to the course blog, tweet along the way, participate in the discussion forums and most importantly expand my knowledge and experience of technology and how it fits in our world today, personally and educationally.

Already, we are a week in and I am only getting started putting pen to paper but all the resources gave me much to think about over the weekend. I hope that I will be able to keep up with my fellow learners, all 22,000+ of them, and catch up with my posts over the next few days. The amount of content is definitely overwhelming at this stage.

Good luck everyone

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