Week 2 Videos: A Digital Tomorrow #edcmooc

I love technology but I loved this film. It was such a welcome contrast to the hellish, shiny, sparkly utopia of A Day Made of Glass 2. It wasn’t filmed as a dark and dirty dystopia it just presented the daily frustrations of technology intruding in our day to day lives. A car is fantastic when the lights and the wipers work automatically but when the battery goes flat in the keycard and you can’t even open the door without taking it all apart is the flip side. A dishwasher that beeps to alert you when the cycle has ended on the surface is useful, when the intermittent beeping persists through your favourite movie however drives you insane.

I think the video is a lovely reminder that we are in constant danger of integrating technology into our lives just because we can, not because it is truly going to make our lives easier. If it is quicker and more reliable to put a key in the ignition to start the car then let’s stick with that.

Yet again it is all down to people and personalities, people are perfectly capable of choosing their own clothes and having a one to one conversation across a table without technological intervention. I hope the future maintains a sensible balance between the two, but, would my idea of balance differ from others? Technophiles versus technophobes??

I leave you with this little image of the future classroom:


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