Senior CMALT Failed

I am well overdue for my three year CMALT review and rather than updating the previous version I have rebuilt and included the additional sections required for Senior CMALT. Essentially, I can barely remember the me that wrote the CMALT portfolio years ago. Then I was an elearning developer for the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences at Queen’s University Belfast. Now I am a Digital Education and Enhancement Consultant in the Office for Digital Learning at Ulster University. This is so much more than being a learning technologist at two universities. My role is completely flipped on its head and that is what being a learning technologist is all about for me: variety, diversity and continual learning. My last portfolio was created in a site and this one is now nestled inside my own blog space on my own space on I now control all elements of my digital self within these walls.

Given the changes in my role and professional development I think my approach will be to review each existing section, then link to it here and add anything new in the description and evidence section, bringing them together in an updated reflection. Other than procrastination the things on my mind pulling this together are remembering all the feedback I have given as an assessor and trying to remember all the projects, connections, initiatives that I have been involved in since October 2016.

A CMALT portfolio is generally centred on the last three years of practice, however, after twelve into a pandemic it is very hard to even remember beyond this period. Therefore, a large portion of this portfolio is work that has occurred in the last year. This is probably not a healthy thing to be able to fill a portfolio with three years of work in twelve months and I know that many higher education staff are the in same position, I hope that as a sector appreciation of human commitment and labour will increase. Especially, since there has been wider acknowledgement that technology without human interaction can not successfully be used to deliver education at scale.

First up: the Contextual Statement >>

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